Comp Air Turbo Prop Experimental Airplane Build

Comp Air Experimental Airplane Build: Part I

I have always believed in the unique perspectives of fishing. The underwater perspective is when you put on mask and fins, jump in the water and take a look around. The on-the-water perspective occurs when you get in a boat and fish and lastly the bird’s eye view that you can get only from the air. Over the years, I have learned a lot about the geography (where to fish) of an area by looking at charts and then flying over the areas. This is nothing new and it has been done for many years in the Florida Keys and Bahamas. Basically, with a chart you get a two-dimensional drawing of an overhead view. When you add the dimension of an airplane to the equation, you add much of the detail that is not shown on a chart. All the places where fish should be are much more obvious from an airplane… or maybe it's just fun to fly.

Building a turbo prop experimental airplaneRecently, I went up to Merritt Island to look at a turbine powered experimental airplane that you actually build out of fiberglass and composite materials. A company called Aerocomp Inc. manufactures these turbo prop kit airplanes and we are working together to build one that will be used as an integral part of the show. There are many reasons for this addition including aerial shots that we use in the show, the ability to travel and explore remote areas with short landing strips, the ability to add floats to the plane and land in remote waters, getting that birds eye view of an unexplored area... and maybe, just because it's fun to fly.

On a serious note, Aerocomp Inc. not only makes high performance experimental airplane, but they also make several catamaran boats. The catamarans can be powered by outboards and used as cruising or mother ship boats in remote areas. So now we will be able to use the plane for transportation needs and the mother ships for base platforms to explore these remote areas. Some of the show that will be in next year’s line up will be of that nature. In addition, the fact that you can just jump in an airplane and go directly to the Bahamas, or places in Florida or Mexico at a moments notice has really opened up some of the more spontaneous fishing and travel opportunities... plus... it sure is fun to fly.

Comp air turbo prop experimental airplane

We will show you the plane as it goes through the building process so keep checking in.


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