Crooked Island - Fishing and Flying in the Bahamas

black hawk helicopter in Crooked Island BahamasHere are some more pics from flying and fishing Crooked Island in the Bahamas, where while we were there a drug run gone bad ended with 3 guys stranded on Bird Rock ( a little rock island with only a defunked light house on it and nothing else.) Anyway, the guys mumbled that they just happened to be out there and the boat capsized in the rough seas and they just swam to the island. This Black Hawk landed just a little while later and escorted ( at gunpoint) back to Nassau. Interesting, fun stuff!!!! One of the runways on Crooked Island is right at Pittstown Point Landing (where we landed earlier in the week) so it was cool to see these guys scope everything out and the fly out right over our heads.

the runway at Pittstown Point in Crooked Island

Pittstown Point Landing fishing lodge

Flying in the Bahamas Crooked Island lighthouse

Crooked Island grouper and snapper


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