Deep jigging with Shimano Butterfly Jigs

Deep Jigging with Butterfly Jigs

new hooks for deep jigging with butterfly jigsDeep jigging has always been a very productive way of catching fish all up and down the water column. Traditionally most of that has been done with a large heavy bucktail or nylon jig. The jig is dropped to the bottom and then retrieve to the surface.

Deep Jigging with Shimano Butterfly JigJust recently Shimano came out with a series of metal jigs that really opened up the world of vertical jigging. These are know as the "Butterfly" jigs so named for the fluttering zig zag action underwater. The edges on these fishing lures are cut a certain way that produces this action and it is the action of this jig that produces the strike.

It is really a whole system that involves the right action rods with the reels and braided line that make it so effective. This is a technique that was refined in Japan and brought over and used in the USA with great success.

There has been a lot of buzz about this and you will see the system in stores in about 2 months. In the meantime here are some pictures about the rig and we will post a video about this in about 3 weeks so keep checking in.


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