Jose Wejebe In Australia

The proud ship Nomad. This was our floating base of operations for 9 days in Australia.

Nomad Sportfishing

Peter Gash pilot of the Cessna Caravan on floats that we used to get out to the mothership Odessy out of Hervey Bay Australia. Amazing how he landed this thing in a little coral lagoon studded with coral heads without hitting one. Peter is a multi talented individual who is a diver, pilot and managing director for Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort. Lady Elliot Island has some phenomenal diving where you can swim with a resident pod of 30 true manta rays.(email:[email protected])

GT or Giant Trevally, another one of the many species we caught fishing the far off coral reefs off Fraser Island Australia. This fish was also caught on the butterfly jigs. It was incredible dropping a jig down and absolutely having no idea what species is going to come up!!

Large dogtooth tuna caught on a spinning rod and shimano butterfly jig off Fraser Island Australia.

Green Jobfish, a species found on the far removed coral atolls off Fraser Island,Australia

Australian fish known as a Red Sea Bass, (really a type of snapper) This fish hit a surface popper and promptly swam deep into these ravines in the reef. The only way to get him out was to go in with the rod and swim the line around the coral.

This is the actual ravine the fish swam into, you can see how it almost dead ends on the surface, the only way to get this guy out was to hold the rod upside down in the water and follow the line into the cave and slowly pull the fish out... pretty funny.

Filming a grouper spawn that happened to be going off on the full moon near Wreck Reef Australia

Grouper Spawn and some of the incredible diving off the mothership Odessy

Red Sea Bass ( really a beuhart Snapper) caught by Tim on Butterfly jig

Bluefin Trevally caught inside the coral lagoons from Wreck Reef off Australia

More reef fish, parrot fish and unicorn

Coral Trout as the Australian call them, they are actually a type of grouper or sea bass. These guys ( and girls) were spawing off the points of the reef edges in the Coral Sea.

More grouper doing the "dirty" off the reef.

Sea Snake, these guys are actual venomous snakes that would swim up to you and kind of wrap themselves around you and then swim off no harm done.

Purple Cod ( really a type of Grouper) caught by Tim on Butterfly Jig

Barramundi on a Rapala X-Rap . We were fishing with Paul from Hervey Bay at Black Swan Dam reservoir. These fish were actually raised from fingerlings and have now established themselves with a little help from Paul in the resevoir.


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