Sea Vee 34 Spanish Fly Boat with triple Mercury Verado Outboards

sea vee 34 spanish fly boat


New Spanish Fly Sea Vee Boat Under Construction

I am currently working with Sea Vee boats to build the new Spanish Fly. It is going to be a 34', center console boat with triple Mercury Verado outboard motors. I have never been a fan of the hype of triple engines boats, until I rode in that same boat and was really impressed with the performance, balance and speed of the whole rig.

I took it a step further to do the math on it and discovered some interesting performance results. I found at slow speeds, twin-engine boats are more fuel-efficient than triples, but once you get past 32mph, the triple engines have exactly the same fuel economy as doubles. And then once you get past 40 mph, the triples are actually more fuel-efficient than the doubles!

I am definitely not into the show of having triples, but for what I do, it just makes sense. In my offshore boating, I really like making long, dramatic offshore runs to more remote places like the Crooked Island in the Bahamas or Isla Mujeres in Mexico. For me, this boat is clearly more functional with triples than doubles.

Not only for the functional and economical use, triple engines provide an additional safety factor. If there is a problem and you have to get home on two motors, you can get home at 40 mph versus 10 or 12 mph on one motor - and that's important when you are 500 miles from home.

Make sure to check back to see the progress of the new Sea Vee Spanish Fly boat...



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