Shimano Butterfly Jigs

Viewer Bill C. writes:

"I fish with various spoons and bucktails for grouper and snapper. I just started using the Butterfly jig and have caught some really nice snapper and amberjack, but I cant seem to get to the grouper. If I just wanted to go for grouper and try to eliminate snapper and AJ hookups, how would you alter the technique, and which jigs would you use?"


What I found about the Butterfly jigs for grouper makes sense.... just slow down the retrieve. Try not to reel to fast or lift the rod tip in high sweeping motions. I generally drop the lure down to the bottom, let it sit for a couple seconds and then start winding in a smooth rhythmic pumping motion. The key thing is to lift the rod tip with your rod hand when you are on the downstroke with your reel hand hand. Depending on the circumstances, (drift, depth ect) only move the rod tip about 12 inches up and down while reeling. Remember you are trying to get the lure to "walk the dog" vertically in the water column. You are NOT trying to lift the lure 6 feet in one fast rod tip sweep or let the lure flutter up and down. Remember smooth rythmic pumping motions.

Another way to target grouper is to fish the lure only one third of the way up from the depth you are fishing. In other words, if you are in 150 feet of water, fish the jig up only to 50' from the bottom before dropping back down.

Lastly is color, one of my favorite for bottom fish is pink and white, although a close second if not equal too is orange and yellow. I hesitate to give favorite colors because much of that changes with the depth and area you are fishing. Having said that, here is a picture of the colors that seem to work for me. I would pick out a handful of colors, slow down the retrieve, keep the jig in the lower third if the water column and THEN see what color works best.

Capt. Jose Wejebe


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