Shooting Head Lines

Viewer Gary C. writes:

Jose, Love the show. Quick question. Do you think shooting heads are practical? I fish for striped bass, bluefish and albacore in open ocean most of the time, at like 30-40 ft. Fish are deep and I was wondering what you thought was the best set-up. Everyone keeps telling me Rio T-14. Would a shooting head system with mono sink better and also give me the option to switch to other heads? What rod weight would you use?


Hey Gary,

Shooting heads work especially well for fish that are deep. I do like the multi head systems where you can quick change depending on the fishery, but recognize that you sacrifice some cast-ability. I would think the deep heads would work better for Striped Bass especially and the mono and or slow sinking heads for Albacore and Bluefish.

My favorite shooting heads are Scientific Anglers, they cast well and rarely tangle the running line (One of my pet peeves about shooting heads).

Capt. Jose Wejebe


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