Photos --> Aviation Maintenance and Relaxation in Merritt Island Florida

Aviation, Fishing, and Relaxation


I left the Florida Keys for Merritt Island to get some much needed work done on the airplane, airframe, and turbine engine.  While the airplane airframe was being worked on we found some vanes in the power turbine that needed some work.  Before you know it we had to dismantle the engine completely and put it back together... hopefully not to find extra left over parts when we were done!

Steve Darrow and Anthony Silva of Composite Technologies worked on the airframe while Karl Cambell of Sebastian Communications worked on the avionics.  Once the airframe and avionics were complete, we flew to Deland Florida where Quinten Cook and Terry Gibson of Turbine Power Technologies dismantled the engine and put her back together.  

The downtime for the maintenance gave me an opportunity to hang out with the Redwine family, Derek, Cory, and their kick ass son Alden. We made delicious dinners, went kayaking, played guitar, and even went to a roller derby... yes a roller derby!  I also had a chance to do a little fishing on the banana river with Brandon McGraw, casting for trout with top water lures.  All in all, I got a bunch of work done on the plane and had a great chance to relax with some good friends.


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