Spanish Fly Raw Cuts
Jose Wejebe and crew load the Spanish Fly on a trailer and head up the road to visit friends along the gulf coast With stops in Pensacola, Mississippi, and Louisiana Jose back tracks the oil spill to get a boots on the ground assessment of the fishery in the wake of the disaster. - Part one airs Friday 3/11 8:30 PM.


Big fish on little tackle

The new Shimano Thunnus series of spinning reels have been redesigned with many new design features to help make the reel lighter and better suited for braided line. New Dartanium 2 drags, P...

Jose Wejebe Flying in the Florida Keys

Tarpon and Snapper fishing in Key West with artist Adrian Gray. Check out some awesome underwater photos from the Spanish Fly Shoot.

No motor zone drum fishing in the Banana River Florida

Scrapping the ice off the skiff and leaving the motor behind, we head out on a chilly Florida morning to hunt for Black Drum and Redfish in the no motor zone of the Banana River.

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