Spanish Fly Raw Cuts
Jose Wejebe and crew load the Spanish Fly on a trailer and head up the road to visit friends along the gulf coast With stops in Pensacola, Mississippi, and Louisiana Jose back tracks the oil spill to get a boots on the ground assessment of the fishery in the wake of the disaster. - Part one airs Friday 3/11 8:30 PM.


Key West Sailfish

At a certain time of year off Key West, Florida, the Gulf Stream pushes up against the inshore waters and creates a phenomenon called the color change. This creates a kind of highway that li...

Remember the time? Fishing with your Kids

You hear it all the time, 'take a kid fishing.' But until you do and see how those memories and lessons grow over time you might not understand how important it really is.

Jose Wejebe Flying in the Florida Keys

Tarpon and Snapper fishing in Key West with artist Adrian Gray. Check out some awesome underwater photos from the Spanish Fly Shoot.

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