Mustad™ Ringed Hooks Versus Standard Hooks

Mustad™ Ringed Hooks Versus Standard Hooks

There are some major advantages to the ringed hooks over fishing with standard eyed hooks. Foremost is that when fishing with live bait, especially smaller or more fragile baits like many of the baits you guys fish in the Keys like Pilchards and such, the line attaching to the ring allows the ring and hook eye to act as a pivot point as the bait swims. This allows a live bait to swim far easier and more naturally which results in more hooks ups and your bait staying livelier longer.

Another huge advantage is that your line is tied to a smooth piece of wire with a perfectly round diameter. There is no chance for your knot or line to slide into the hook eye gap and break off, allowing a better chance of landing fish after long battles, especially with lots of drag applied.

The hook also tends to stay seated securely in the fish better as the ring will pivot and swing as the fish jumps, rolls or changes direction resulting in fewer pulled hooks. Same goes for using cut or dead bait as well. Most of the guys fishing the long range tuna trips out of SoCal are using ringed hooks over standard eyed hooks because of the many benefits.


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