Rapala X-Rap Magnum

Wahoo caught while trolling with Rapala's new X-Rap Magnum Minnows.

"Those lures have a pretty big lip and got bit almost exclusively in the spread, maybe it's because they were diving down below every other lure, but whatever, out of six lures trolled behind the boat the two X Rap Magnums were consistently the ones that got bit. We were trolling about 9 knots and these things held the water and did not pop out or need tweaking to get them to ride correctly. I was impressed anyway."

We ran about two feet of single strand wire and swivel. One of the lures was 40 feet behind and the other was about 80. Both were run as flat lines right off the rod tips.


Dog Tooth tuna caught on Rapala Magnum X rap. Believe it or not, this is one fish out of a triple header, all landed and released. The first two fish bit on the only two Mag X Raps in the spread and the third fish hit a metal jig on the sink while we were fighting the first two......... Just goes to show how important important it is to have some lures down in the water column while trolling.

Either with a down rigger or deep diving plugs or a combination of both, these lures many times are the first bit in the spread!!


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