Spanish Fly Theater
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In the deep Southern Gulf of Mexico, huge schools of baitfish gather and with them come the predators that feed on them. When fishing this kind of situation, the only way to attract the sailfish away from the bait pods is to offer them something equally tempting. The dredge is a device that’s trolled behind the boat that looks like a school of bait!


Jose Wejebe Flying in the Florida Keys

Tarpon and Snapper fishing in Key West with artist Adrian Gray. Check out some awesome underwater photos from the Spanish Fly Shoot.

Jose Wejebe Professional Guide Award

Hell's Bay Boatworks, manufacturer of world-class flats skiffs, presents the first annual Jose Wejebe Professional Guide Award.

No motor zone drum fishing in the Banana River Florida

Scrapping the ice off the skiff and leaving the motor behind, we head out on a chilly Florida morning to hunt for Black Drum and Redfish in the no motor zone of the Banana River.


Plano Liqua-Bait Locker System

Jose Wejebe demonstrates how he uses the Plano Liqua-Bait locker storage system to organize his scented plastic baits without all the mess.

Bonefish Seasonal Habitat Changes

Bonefish have two very distinct patterns depending on the time of year. Learn how cold fronts and severe weather can move these bonefish.

Key West Tarpon Palolo Worm Hatch

Tarpon fishing in Key West and the Florida Keys goes crazy when the Palolo worm hatch takes place in late May and early June. The Palolo worm hatch is a natural phenomenon that happens when ...

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