Spanish Fly Theater
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Remember the time? Fishing with your Kids

You hear it all the time, 'take a kid fishing.' But until you do and see how those memories and lessons grow over time you might not understand how important it really is.

Key West Sailfish

At a certain time of year off Key West, Florida, the Gulf Stream pushes up against the inshore waters and creates a phenomenon called the color change. This creates a kind of highway that li...

Jose Wejebe Professional Guide Award

Hell's Bay Boatworks, manufacturer of world-class flats skiffs, presents the first annual Jose Wejebe Professional Guide Award.


Eric Culberson Plays the Blues Guitar at the Green Parrot

Good friend Eric Culberson rocks the blues at the Green Parrot bar in Key West Florida.

Key West Shallow Wrecks

Shallow wrecks like the ones west of Key West often hold a variety of fish. Learn how to fish these structures horizontally to target different species.

Mustad Ultrapoint Redfish Rig with Gulp Shrimp

Jose Wejebe shares one of his favorite tackle rigs to catch a redfish, using a Mustad Ultrapoint hook with a Gulp Shrimp.

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