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Jose Wejebe casts new G Loomis PRO4X Fly Rods iCast 2011

G loomis pro4x fly rod
There is some exciting buzz on iCast floor this year as G. Loomis announced the new PRO 4X series of fly rods. The PRO 4X fly rods offer the same crispness and pro action of the NRX series but for half the price, retailing in the $325 - $350 range. Three bottom sections of GL3 material give the rods their durability and lifting power while a tip section of NRX material give them the ability to make very crisp, highly directional casts. 

I've had a chance to cast an 8 and 9 weight version of the new G. Loomis PRO 4X fly rods on the convention floor and so far I am impressed. Both sizes felt very light and responsive and I was easily able to make long, highly directional casts with virtually no "bobble" on the power-stroke, an advantage of the fast recovery of the NRX material in the tip section.  
Another great feature for those of us who have one time or another introduced our fly rods to the ceiling fan, G. Loomis has you covered with their "Wild Card" program which provides anglers with a one-time only free replacement should they accidentally break their rod - no questions asked!

Here are some details from the press release as well as a few comments from G. Loomis's chief rod design specialist Steve Rajeff.

G loomis Pro4x Fly Rods


Taking advantage of all the research and development put into its highly successful NRX rods, G.Loomis introduces a new 11-rod fly series - the Pro-4X, designed for both ‘new-to-the-sport' and intermediate anglers. The series includes rods for trout, salmon/steelhead and saltwater fishing, ranging from a short, delicate, eight-foot, 3-weight for small flies in small water, a powerful, nine-foot, 8-weight to handle winds on the flats, and a 10-foot 7-weight for long-cast needed steelhead rivers.
"We took a page from our NRX blank technology to develop a new series of fly rods that anglers of all casting skill levels will really enjoy fishing." says Steve Rajeff, global chief rod design specialist for G.Loomis. "Expert anglers will wonder how we packed this much performance into such an affordable rod, and they'll quickly notice the incredibly sound actions, all very forgiving and delightful to cast."

The Pro-4X rods use a taper design - which, along reducing as much possible weight in the upper half of blank, that recovers quickly and provides precision casting. They are all four-piece rods, and come in a protective sock and travel case.
Pro-4X saltwater rods include the 8-weight (1088-4FR) providing distance, accuracy and fish-fighting power, the 9-weight Pro-4X (1089-4FR) to extend casting range with its powerful butt-section to launch large flies and handle larger fish, and the 10-weight Pro 4-X (10810-4FR), the big fish fly rod with the power needed for permit, tarpon and snook. 

As with all G.Loomis rods, the Pro-4X series is manufactured in the USA. For more information on the new fly rods, visit www.gloomis.com, call 800/GLoomis, or stop by your nearest G.Loomis tackle dealer.


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