Louisiana Redfish - Red Fishing with Gary Taylor

We did a redfish shoot in February, 2007 out of Slidell, Louisiana where went red fishing with a guide named Gary Taylor targeting redfish on both fly and spin.. Gary has a pretty cool gig where he has a 32' ft Louisiana Skiff, which is a true Louisiana Bayou boat. Gary built a ramp-like trailer into the back of the Louisiana Bayou boat where he winches up and lauches his smaller Hell's Bay skiff.

He runs across some really rough open waters of the Gulf with his big boat and he launches his little skiff when he gets to the remote sheltered waters of the red fishing areas.

Arriving at a series of shorelines and ponds, we targeted large redfish that live in these places at this time of year. On the first day out, it was freezing cold and we struggled to catch anything. The second day we persisted and the fishing just opened up. Sight fishing only, we caught a bunch of redfish including redfish on fly up to 20lbs and up to 35lb on spinning tackle.

For me, the lesson in all of this was that ďif you donít go then you donít knowĒ. Most fishermen would tend to stay home when the fishing is slow and the weather isnít cooperating. But I found if you keep fishing and fish around the bad weather, a lot can happen in an afternoon.†

Jose Wejebe with a Louisiana RedfishRed fishing in Louisiana with Jose WejebeGary Taylor with an awesome Louisiana Redfish BoatGary Taylor lands a red fishFly fishing for redfish with Gary Taylor

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