Madfin Shark Tournament

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The Madfin Shark Tournament created quite a buzz last year and recently we got done filming the 2nd season complete with helicopter aerial, boat and underwater cameras. Madfin is an all release tournament where basically the sharks try to bite you and you have to treat them nice as you release them! 
The series start airing on Sunday April 8th at 9:30AM Eastern and continue from there, the complete schedule is listed below. The link to the MadfinTeaser is listed below, kind of a sneak preview of things to come... Enjoy!!!

Capt. Jose Wejebe

>> Watch the Madfin Teaser here <<

Basically, there were 3 days of competition, and 6 half hour shows. Each day accounts for 2 half hour shows. Original show is on Sunday morning, then reairs the following Saturday early. That breaks down to the following:

April 8th 9:30am
Show 1 Day 1 original air

April 14th 6:30am
Show 1 Day 1 reairs

April 15th 9:30am
Show 2 Day 1 original air

April 21st 6:30am
Show 2 Day 1 reairs

April 22nd 9:30am
Show 3 Day 2 original air

April 28th 6:30am
Show 3 Day 2 reairs

April 29th 9:30am
Show 4 Day 2 original air

May 5th 6:30am
Show 4 Day 2 reairs

May 6th 9:30am
Show 5 Day 3 original air

May 12th 6:30am
Show 5 Day 3 reairs

May 13th 9:30am
Show 6 Day 3 original air

May 19th 6:30am
Show 6 Day 3 reairs

****Then starting May 20th they all repeat for another month (exact times on the attached schedule.)


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