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"Hi, Jose I just wanted to know what trevala rod you would recommend for a saragosa 6000/8000 reel. I plan on using this set up to jig for a variety of species such as king mackerel, crevalle jacks and also intend to use the set up to fish tarpon, with live bait. I am buying it off the internet and plan on using 30lb braided line, not going to be able to feel the rod and reel setup in my hands till it is shipped. Any feed back would be appreciated. thanks"


Hey Michael,

You are getting a great setup! Most of the spinning rod that I have in my offshore boat are Trevallas with 4000-8000 size Stradic, Sedona Sustain or Stella. All those new Shimano spinning reels have been redesigned especially to accommodate braided line. The spool lip is tapered to reduce the oscillation of the lines coming off the spool and the and the vertical speed of the the rotor have been modified, both these mods give you longer casts without the casting knots that are common with braided lines. The drag curves on most these reels have also been beefed up as well for the heavier drags associated with braids.

As far as rods go, most of the rods that I use for shallow inshore casting are Calcutta, but my rod of choice for all around inshore offshore is the Trevalla. If you are doing mostly bait fishing with minimal casting and mostly large fish, then I would use the 6'9'' Med-Med Heavy. From the description of your your fishery, is it sounds like the 7' Trevalla MED would be perfect. You can put a 5000-8000 sized Shimano and also have free range to use braid from 20-40lb test. This outfit would cast well because of the 7' rod and at the same time be a perfect jig and bait rod for the species you mentioned.

Capt. Jose Wejebe

"Love your show Jose, it's great getting to see u fish on espn i love watching u fish because i get to see a great fisherman at his best giving the fans what they want to see.I need u help on what rod & reel i should get, thinking about geting a trinidad reel & trevala rod for blue fish & striped bass, please send me an email on what u think is best for me thanku very much Jose rock on buddy FISHON"


Hey Josues,

The Trinidad and Trevalla combo would be a great outfit if all you were doing is bait fishing and surf casting. If your intent is to cast lures or other fishing that requires lots of repetitious casting and retrieving, then I would think about a spinning rod and reel combo such as a Shimano Sedona or Sustain reel coupled up with a Trevella rod or if you are surf casting a Tiralejo rod.

Hope that helps.

Capt. Jose Wejebe

"What's up Jose. I've been watching your show for many years and just want you to know what a wonderful job you and your crew have accomplished. By far the most enjoyable fishing show on tv. You are the man !! No one ...does a a better job, you have a unique way of articulating your passion and expertise. I was stoked watching your trip to the Seychelles/Cosmos and wanted to know what tackle, spinning gear rod/reel and line you used to muscle those grouper. Totally awesome. I have always dreamed of fishing there. Thanks for your time!" Jim

Hey James, Thanks for writing in.On that trip we were using Stella reels sizes 6000-8000 and Trevalla rods from Shimano, as far as line, my favorite braid is the Stren Super Braid.

Hope that helps,

Capt. Jose Wejebe

"Jose, i'm a new fan. I'm very interested to know what brand and type of rod and reel you used on your seychelle's trip - the one with the side trip to sabi-sabi. i also would like to know the brand name of the lines you used on that trip. thank you and more power to you. don't stop what you do, man. we love and enjoy every minute of it"


Hey Conrad,

On that trip we were using Stella reels sizes 6000-8000 and Trevalla rods from Shimano, as far as line, my favorite braid is the Stren Super Braid.

Hope that helps,

Capt. Jose Wejebe

"Jose Being a Shimano guy I was wandering if you have used the New Spheros or the Saragosa. From what I can find out about them is they can give you 44lbs of drag. It sound like a great reel for offshore fishing on Yellow fins. I live in New Jersey. We get big Bluefins that break gear al the time. Guys up here are starting to go to smaller jigging rods. I have seen you useing the stella there just out of my price range. By the way I love your show. I like the ones you go out and chum up your catch for the day. Eather with bait fish or the chum blocks. I remember you guiding another host before you had your own show and thought I shoud have chartered you then. Anyway thanks for all the years of good fishing. I hope you have the chance to E-mail me back. I will understand if you don't have the time. Were all busy planning our next trip. I think you say it like this. Take it easy bro. Thanks for your time."


Hey Chaz,

Should do the trick although I like all metal reels if I am going to put that much drag pressure on a spinning reel. Both the Spheros and the Saragosa will work if you get them in a big enough size for the tuna, I would start with the 10,000 size and work up from there....

Hope that helps,

Capt. Jose Wejebe

"Saw a new Shimano Calcutta travel rod set on your show the other day, or at least I think it was a Calcutta? I think it came with 3 different tips. 2 Mid sections, 1 base. Do you know when it is coming out or where? No luck on Google. Thanks and you have the best show out there."


Hey James, That rod was a prototype we were testing for Shimano as a travel rod. The rod was a Calcutta and I am not sure when it is coming out. Most of the inshore and light offshore rods that I use are either Calcutta 7' MED to MED-HVY spinning or Trevalla for conventional and offshore spinning. I'll let you know if we get more info on that prototype.

All the best,

Capt. Jose Wejebe


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