Wes Miller

Wes is the number one cameraman for Spanish Fly, as well as a multitude of other programming that you see on ESPN. He has been shooting the Spanish Fly for almost as long as long as it's inception and he is absolutely fearless when it comes to getting the shot. I have seen him climb to the top of an abandoned lighthouse in the Bahamas and crawl out on a rusty ledge with no railing all the while balancing his camera on his shoulder. This is the same guy who will take a door off a plane or helicopter and hang out of it tethered only with a seat belt or some rope and again with that eternal camera on his shoulder. 

The guys who get the shots in this business are not only good technicians, but also have a fairly rugged disposition. After carrying the camera on land for a few hours it feels like a lead anchor, imagine carrying it on a rocking boat for 8 hours a day for 5 days....You gotta be tough. 

On a funny note, even though Wes is fearless and tough, he coincidentally also happens to be the biggest whiner of the group.... strange how that works.

Just your average balancing act with camera... then Wes gets to get out of the boat and wade across 3 miles of muddy flats without falling and getting the camera wet.

Wes shooting aerials out of Walt's plane that we took the door off. This is Rickmon's Lodge at Sandy Point, Bahamas.

Here is Wes after a night of too many "Pick me up, Knock me downs" (a local Bahamas drink with a multitude of different and toxic spirits.) As I remember, there was also a minister and his church group at the same restaurant/ bar with us while this was going on.... it made for an interesting evening.

Here is Wes sticking his head out an airplane over Mores Island in the Bahamas.... he really doesn't look like that. 

Photo Credit jeffstine.com


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