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Thank you for watching Spanish Fly, and for taking the time to write in.  April 6, 2012 Jose was tragically killed in a plane crash. We lost a friend, a father, and an inspirational icon to the fishing community. People around the world have shared their words, experiences, and so much more.  Jose was alone was not the Spanish Fly; Spanish Fly is all of us who have been inspired by him.  It is a passion, a lifestyle.  Jose shared his lifestyle with everyone he knew and everyone who watched, and he would have wanted this to continue.  No matter your location or profession, amateur or professional, if you share the same passion, you have the Spanish Fly spirit with-in you. 

We hope that you will continue to watch, and support the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation.  The foundation will continue to honor Jose’s legacy by matching his inspiration, dedication, and passion for our marine environment, and continue his efforts of supporting those who face life-impacting encounters.

Below are Jose’s fishing charter recommendations.

Captain Carter Andrews  full info on Carter

Fishing has been a passion of mine since I can remember. While growing up on a farm in Tennessee, I spent all my free time fishing and dreaming of being a professional bass fisherman. In the late 70's I was introduced to fly fishing. The only thing that got in the way of my fishing was school and a conventional job for a short period of time. Then I saw the light. I wanted to share the joy I got from fishing with as many people as possible. I've been fortunate to experience some really fantastic fishing in some beautiful parts of the world.

Braden Escobar

Fishing Outfitter, Galapagos

For almost 10 years Brandon has been the most trusted and professional company fully licensed and operating in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. 

Captain Rob Fordyce


Fishing the Everglades, Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay through the middle Keys out of a skiff for Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Bone fish and Permit on the flats. Also fishes offshore in larger 32' boat for species like Sailfish, Dolphin, Kingfish and also wreck species like Cobia, Snapper, Grouper and Permit.

Joe Rodriguez

(305) 494-0000 [email protected]

Jose fished with Joe in a couple tournaments and the guy is absolutely tireless in his pursuit for finding you fish. Joe is especially strong in the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay, Florida Bay, Whitewater Bay and Upper and Middle Keys.

Captain Greg Poland


Based out of Duck Key, Greg fishes up and down the keys from Key Largo to Key West out of a skiff for flats species: Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Snook and Redfish.

Captain Steve Impallemeni


Based out of Key West, an excellent flats guide for Tarpon, Snook, Bonefish and Permit. Steve also does some creative fishing in the wintertime in the channels for Snapper, Grouper and Jacks.

Captain Rush Maltz


Based out of Key West, does the light tackle offshore and wreck fishing for Sailfish, Kingfish, Tuna, Dolphin, Cobia, Permit, Snapper and also fishes Key West Harbor for Tarpon.

Captain Nate Wheeler

(305) 394-2177

A born and raised native to the Florida Keys and Iraq War veteran, Captain Nate Wheeler is a very personable and energetic guide with an extreme passion for all types of fishing. Based out of Summerland Key, Nate specializes in both inshore and offshore live bait fishing, as well as light tackle/fly fishing on the flats..

Captain Tony Murphy


Captain Tony Murphy has been fishing for a living in the waters off Key West for more than 15 years targeting Snapper, Groupers and Kingfish. Tony is also a very patient captain and loves to teach beginner anglers.

Captain Jim Sharpe


Captain Jim Sharpe has fished the waters of the Florida Keys and Bahamas for more than 50 years. He has written seven books on fishing including the best seller "Dolphin: the Perfect Gamefish". With more than 200 video's under his belt he continues to capture the true essence of big game fishing. From blue marlin of over 850 pounds to wahoo, tuna, and dolphin Captain Jim’s Sea Boots is a 43 foot Torres sport fisherman with tuna tower, designed for sight casting to cobia, dolphin and sail fish. Located in Key West area on Summerland Key just 20 miles north of Key West.

Captain Mike Weinhofer

305-395-FISH (3474)

Captain Mike Weinhofer has been charter fishing in Key West for over 25 years.  He loves to target Tarpon, grouper, sailfish, permit and dolphin along with many other species. Fishing with Captain Mike is a learning experience, all about how to have fun fishing.

Capt. Steve "Creature" Coulter


A very capable and knowledgeable fisherman. We caught many yellowfins on a shoot with "Creach" and mate Dave Chambers. What I liked fishing with him was that we chummed the fish right up to the boat so it was a intensely visual experience. He is also has a fair amount of experience with light tackle and fly fishermen.

Our Aim is to provide you with the best Game, Sport or Flyfishing charter available anywhere. We fish some of the most remote and pristine reefs and islands to be found anywhere in the world. We are a family run business and pride ourselves on the diversity of fishing options we offer. All our guides and skippers are very experienced in all forms of fishing we offer and whichever form of bluewater fishing you are interested in, we have an adventure to impress.

We offer a huge range of charters based around our 80ft mothership and 6 sportfishing vessels to fish the outer Coral Sea and Fraser Island, off the coast of Queensland in NE Australia.

Captain Brandon Cyr

Reel Shallow Charters •  (305)797-5076 [email protected]

For four generations Brandon’s family has lived in the Keys.  He followed in his father’s footsteps of being a guide just like his brother  (Jared).  Jared, and Brandon shared their first boat at the age of six, and started fly-fishing by eight.  Now Brandon too operates a successful guiding business. 

“It was so cool to watch someone share with the world the passion and respect of the ocean that my family lived by. Most TV shows, the host would just go to a spot and fish. Jose would explain everything, not just the basics but would go into detail to help the viewer understand why it was happening. Why the fish were in that particular spot, and would most of the time include the entire ecosystem that led up to fish being in that area. It was inspiring. Almost reassuring that I was noticing the right things when I was out there. I'll never forget when I was in 4th grade my father was tired of guiding and thought that he would be happier in the woods. We moved to North Carolina. After 6 months of snow and quite the scenery changed on saltwater Saturdays, we were watching Jose catch sailfish off Key West like we had been doing our entire childhood. Watching him made us some homesick that my father looked and me and my brother and asked if we wanted to go home. Two weeks later we were back in Key West.

Captain David Moloney

Grateful Dave Charters •  (305)504-3597 • [email protected]

 Captain David Moloney has had a passion for fishing since he could walk.  He joined the Navy when he was 19, and was lucky enough to be stationed at NAS Key West for his second duty station.  When he met his future wife Krissy Wejebe ,(Jose’s daughter), and got into saltwater fishing 2009.  They will joke about if David fell in love with Krissy or fishing first.  Either way he knew that he wasn’t going anywhere…  Call it a passion, a sickness, or an addiction.  David has it.  He specializes in inshore fishing, and will keep you on the fish and laughing all day.

“When I first started dating Krissy I had no idea that her father was on TV.  The first time we met he was filming an interview about the sinking of the Vanderburg. Big guy, firm handshake, and pretty intimidating.  I mentioned to my uncle that I had met her father while he was doing an interview, and that he was a fisherman.  My uncle informed me on who he was, and to be careful.  It’s a big ocean out there. I didn’t fish with Jose until about a year of dating Krissy, and when I did I saw why he was better than the rest.    Most of our time was spent together on land.  He would come back from some crazy location, and just wanted to chill out.  I would help him unload his gear (or load it if he was leaving), and ask a thousand questions.  His response was never just yes or no.  He would go into detail on why.  We spent a lot of time watching new episodes of South Park, or Dexter, cook offs on who could make a better steak, and of course dinners at the Square Grouper.  I was in the Navy for nine years.  Krissy now my wife says “I would like to think that Dave got out of the military and stayed in the Keys for me, but its hard to compete with fishing.”  Lucky for me Jose raised her to have the love for the ocean, which we now share.”

Captain Jared Cyr

Grey Ghost Charters •  (305) 797-0566 •  [email protected]

Captain Jared Cyr is one of the truly exceptional shallow water guides in Key West. Jared's knowledge of the 'skinny' waters here in the backcountry of Key West is unequalled. Growing up as a fourth generation native to the Keys and the son of a very accomplished Key West captain gave Jared an advantage most can only dream of having.

“Growing up watching Jose on TV helped me appreciate how fortunate I am to have grown up in the Florida Keys. Jose's versatility of being able to fish inshore and offshore inspired me to increase my knowledge of all waters around the keys. I truly enjoy teaching people about our beautiful piece of paradise and all the unique experiences it has to offer, just like Jose did.”

Captain Travis Holeman

Key West Angling • (305) 906-0301 • [email protected]

 Travis has a diverse background in all things fishing.  From guiding to numerous IGFA world records, to tournament angling, his goal has been to help others achieve their dreams.  Travis' goal is to leave everything he touches a little better than when he found it. 

Captain Bear Holeman

Key West Angling • (727) 452-6917 •  [email protected]

Capt. Bryan “Bear” Holeman is fun loving and super fishy, like his brother Travis. His larger than life personality and jovial attitude make him a blast to fish with, as evidenced by his numerous repeat anglers. If you’re looking for a guide that doesn’t ooze the super serious “Keys guide” mentality, he’s your man. 

Captain Griff Helwig

Endless Summer Charters • (904) 699-2315 • [email protected]

Capt. Grif is a native Floridian from Jacksonville. He grew up fishing in Northeast Florida. His grandfather, Colonel Crosby, put a fly rod in his hand at an early age, artfully dodging Grif's casts.  Years later Grif has fished in Alaska, the Caribbean, and Central America before making a home in the Keys. Capt Grif's on the water philosophy is simple. Safety, fun, fish. Come to Key West and enjoy a relaxed fun- filled day on the water.

“Like many of us the Spanish Fly TV show was a big inspiration for me.  His willingness to share his knowledge, and help others really shined through. When I moved to Key West I occasionally ran into him at his favorite sushi bar.  He would bring fish he had caught and share it with whoever was there.  He was easily approachable and engaging with all who he talked with. "

"Later as I traveled the show was always a part of our limited TV time. I was in Isla Mujeres when I heard of his passing. It was truly a sad day for all of us. I only hope I can help a and inspire a fraction of the people Jose has.”

Captain Chris Mendola

Far Out Fishing Charters • (305) 747-4632 • [email protected]

Captain Chris Mendola has over 25 years of experience fishing and diving in the waters off the Florida Keys.  He's won multiple offshore tournaments in Key West, and the Bahamas. Daytime Sword fishing is one of Chris's specialties.  He's also a very experienced free diver and scuba diver. Spearfishing is his favorite thing to do on the water so be sure to ask him about a spearfishing trip! It would be his pleasure to take you out on a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

“Growing up as a kid fishing with my dad out of Murray's Marina. I always saw Jose and the Spanish Fly boat. I would see his catches and be so envious.  Growing up I always aspired to be as good as him. His passion for the ocean was endless, and I feel the same way. I loved watching the show and hoped to fish with him one day. Unfortunately that day never came. His legacy will always live on.”

Captain Robbie Delph

Second Generation Fishing Charters • (305) 522-1904 • [email protected]

Robbie Delph is a Captain out of Key West. He started guiding at the age of 19 following in his father's (Ralph Delph) footsteps. Twenty five years later setting his own path fishing from South Florida to Cape Cod, as well as field testing for many companies, Captain Robbie has earned great respect from other captains on the water.

"For 25 years I have fished from Key West to Cape Cod just like Jose. "

"Jose had a vision at a young age to take the fishing world by storm. He set his mind and set goals to achieve what he earned.  His goal was to teach and educate other people that liked to fish and explore the world as he did. Jose had always treated me as a friend.  People love Jose because he didn’t expect their respect he earned it.”

Captain Shane Smith

Skinny Water Angling • 1 (970) 333-3474 • [email protected]

Often times you wonder why someone with obvious talent, enthusiasm, and wit becomes a fishing guide?  It’s for the love of the sport, the art of guiding and the joy in sharing with others a passion for the outdoors.  He guided in the high mountains of Colorado, big game fished the Central American Pacific, waded the watery haunts of the Caribbean, and somehow landed in the Keys.  ” I’ve spent most of my life fishing.  The rest was just wasted!”

"Jose inspired me with his amazing ability to balance his worldwide popularity with just being one of the bro's.  It was almost as if he was embarrassed by his own fame.  Before I knew him, he inspired me with his on camera talent of making me believe I was right there with him during his fishing conquests.  He taught me that no matter what situation fishing puts us in, that it's still "only fishing" and to not get too overwhelmed or serious about it.  We always laughed first, and then worried about the fish.  The sidesplitting laughter we shared on board was always equally as memorable as what we caught.”

"Jose and I had a very similar appreciation, love, and awareness of our stewardship for our waters and all of the creatures in it."

Captain Gabe Nyblad

Tail Chasin Charters •  (616) 889-2584 • [email protected]

Raised in West Michigan fishing Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead, Gabe has been fishing for a long as he can remember.  From Alaska to the Florida Keys he is a well-rounded guide that is always keeping himself busy.  He spends Dec-June in the Florida Keys pursuing the flats for Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Sharks and Cudas.  He then flies up to Alaska in July and August fishing for all five Pacific Salmon.  Next he returns to the home waters of western Michigan and guides the rivers.

 It wasn't that he originally planned to be a full time guide and travel around the country like a nomadic fish -crazed gypsy, but somehow it just happened.  There isn't much Captain Gabe enjoys more than being on the water and helping anglers fulfill their fishing dreams.

“Jose's vast knowledge of all the different species in the Saltwater and techniques to target them definitely inspired me to challenge myself to learn about as many species as possible and all the different techniques to catch them. Don't be a one trick pony.  He also inspired me to try and replicate his fun, upbeat, optimistic, energetic attitude and personality while on the boat and around people. The couple times I did talk with him at the Grouper or Wharf he didn't show an ego.  Instead he gave me advise, listened and just acted like the down to earth kind of guy I admired watching on TV. He also inspired me by not putting on a front and being who you are.”

Captain Jeff Legutki

Anglers Addiction • (239) 293-1664 •  [email protected]

Jeff has spent his entire life in and around the tannic waters of the 10,000 islands and the Everglades backcountry.  Capt. Jeff now balances his life between a 200 days a year guide schedule and the rest teaching his kids the fine art of fly-fishing.  As one of the coolest, most relaxed guides you will ever meet, Capt. Jeff exudes the kind of confidence and patience that comes after a life spent chasing some of the most remote gamefish in North America. The passion, enthusiasm, and wisdom he has for fishing and living the life is infectious.

“I appreciated his diversity inshore and offshore, bait, plug, or fly. It didn't matter, from big blue fin tuna in the northeast to permit in the keys. He had an endless passion for the sport. He was always generous, always humble, and had a passion loving to do it all.”

All the above-mentioned guides are extremely good at what they do, in addition to being good teachers and nice guys.

Hope this helps

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