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Wes Miller
Meet our number one cameraman, Wes Miller.
Plane is done and Flying!
After years of hard work and testing, the plane is finally done and has been put to the test. The goal was to build a plane that could fly far, fast, and heavy. It comes from a kit plane manufacturer known as Compair and you build it together with a company known as Composite Technologies. We built it from the ground up with exploration, filming and fishing in mind.
Building A New Airplane II
Things are moving right along with the building of the airplane. Sounds scary at first, the though of actually building a plane, but the guys at Aerocomp and Composite Technologies have really made it seem... well.... maybe not easy, but possible.
Comp Air Turbo Prop Experimental Airplane Build
Jose Wejebe begins the process of building a new turbo prop experimental airplane with the folks at Comp Air. The kit airplane is built with composite materials much like a boat and you put it together with the help the builder assist program. It is powered by a 680hp Walters Turbine engine.

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Aviation Maintenance and Relaxation in Merritt Island Florida

While the airplane gets some maintenance work done, I get to spend a little time relaxing and hanging out with long time friends, the Redwines, in Merritt Island, Fl.  I even got to do a little fishing. 

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