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Jose Wejebe In Australia
Check out some behind the scenes photos from Jose's trip to Australia. Sea Snakes, Barramundi, Purple Cod, Bluefin Trevally and more.

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Spearfishing Wahoo & Fighting Off Hammerhead Sharks
In Key West, what happens when you mix blood and guts, wahoo and sharks, in the wintertime? Well, down here, we go spearfishing! This is the time of year that we spend a fair amount of time close to the edge of the coral reef off Key West where wahoo and sharks often cruise along.

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Fishing The Coral Reefs in the Florida Keys
The coral reef and shoals along the Florida Keys are a vital part of the marine biosphere. It is along this underwater chain of coral islands that many different fish, resident and migratory, are found. See how the species of fish change in relation to the coral reef.

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