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My name is Derek Redwine. After many years of being friends with Jose Wejebe, he recently asked me if my family and I would be interested in doing a fishing show with him. After I picked myself up off the ground, we talked through some ideas. Jose made it clear he really just wanted us to do what we do.

This was very special to us because he wasn't asking us to be a fishing guide, captain, or expert on the river...he was just asking us to be a family and show him how we like to explore the outdoors and pass on our passion on to our child.

Building A New Airplane II
Things are moving right along with the building of the airplane. Sounds scary at first, the though of actually building a plane, but the guys at Aerocomp and Composite Technologies have really made it seem... well.... maybe not easy, but possible.
Comp Air Turbo Prop Experimental Airplane Build
Jose Wejebe begins the process of building a new turbo prop experimental airplane with the folks at Comp Air. The kit airplane is built with composite materials much like a boat and you put it together with the help the builder assist program. It is powered by a 680hp Walters Turbine engine.

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Cobia Fishing & Great White Shark Encounter in Port Canaveral Florida
Sight fishing for cobia in Port Canaveral Florida leads to an unexpected Great White Shark encounter. This time of year the towns of Port Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, and Merritt Island practically shut down to partake in the cobia action!

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Aviation Maintenance and Relaxation in Merritt Island Florida

While the airplane gets some maintenance work done, I get to spend a little time relaxing and hanging out with long time friends, the Redwines, in Merritt Island, Fl.  I even got to do a little fishing. 

SCHEDULE 2012 Merritt Island
SCHEDULE 2012 Merritt Island

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Merritt Island Backyard Exploration
Jose Wejebe and friend Derek Redwine set out to prove that you don't always need a big expensive boat to catch fish.  With a pocket full of tackle and any kind of boat to float, including stand up paddle boards and canoes, the guys explore the Merritt Island area catching redfish on a budget!

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