Captain Jose Wejebe's latest offering is a true odyssey for anglers. He is going below the surface to bring us Vida del Mar, or Life of the Sea. Each week he combines his considerable knowledge of marine life with his own breathtaking underwater footage to present a perspective anglers and outdoorsmen rarely get.

However, this is not just a series of pretty underwater pictures. Captain Jose clearly explains all the behavior and environment we see, and how understanding the life below the surface can make us all better fishermen. There are some amazing things happening below the surface and Vida del Mar is going to share it with the world.

Tune in to ESPN2 starting December 28th, Sundays at 8:55am EST

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"Aqua Culture" - Grassy Key, Fl

Grassy Key, Florida is the setting for the growing of saltwater fish to harvest for food. The Marathon Aquaranch and Symbiosis is creating a blend of agriculture and aquaculture by growing C...

Jose Wejebe

"Live Bait Chumming" - Key West, Fl

On the Atlantic side of the key chain, in the deep waters of the Gulf Stream, oceanic free swimming (pelagic) species roam over a pretty featureless ocean. In these areas bait congregates ar...

Jose Wejebe

"FKCC Shark Repellant" - Grassy Key, Fl

Florida and also at the Florida Keys Community College is where Dr. Patrick Rice is working with both students and sharks to find a chemical repellant that protects humans from sharks! It wa...

Jose Wejebe

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